The most joyful Christmas shows are coming on your screens! Our little friends, from every corner of the earth, take the leading role in the holiday program of the Ant1 International Channels, filling the screens and our hearts with imagination, music, song, wishes and a lot of love!

Children’s Drawing Contest Shows

All children’s drawings that took participation in the contest will be featured on a series of special shows dedicated to the 14th Children’s Drawing Contest, “TA PEDIA ZOGRAFIZOUN TA CHRISTOUGENNA – SPECIAL EDITION”. 

 Shows with childrens’ participation


Carols, Christmas songs, music from the brightest stars in the world, the children, will be featured on our channels’ program internationally. Greek children from home, school students and choral groups bring the Christmas spirit on our screens!
If you wish to participate in fillers of «LITTLE CHRISTMAS STARS» press here  for more information! 

 Shows in cooperation with Greek Schools and Choral Groups from Greek schools abroad


In cooperation with Greek Schools abroad, Christmas stage shows from schools in every corner of the world will be projected.


Greek choral groups sing the Christmas Carols and New Year’s Eve Carols and wish us joyful holidays. 

 Educational Drawing Show

«MATHAINO NA ZOGRAFIZO» the childrens’ educational show teaches us step by step how to draw the most fantastic Christmas drawings giving us inspiration and new tips to finesse our talent!


The contribution of the Greek Schools is an integral part of the success of the Children's Drawing Contest. Every year, with even more enthusiasm, teachers and principals lovingly embrace the contest by inspiring students and promoting Hellenism throughout the world.

If your school isn’t included in the list below please contact us here for more information.