Our little friends, from all over the world, have the leading role in the festive program of our channels abroad, filling Christmastime with imagination, music, songs, wishes and lots of love! Also, we learn together how to draw with the most colorful educational show!

From December 18 until Friday January 7 we celebrate together with the broadcast of the shows “Mathaino na Zografizo”, “Little Christmas Stars”, “Na ta Poume” and of course with the Drawing Contest’s special shows «ΤA PAIDIA ZOGRAFIZOUN TA CHRISTOUGENNA – SPECIAL EDITION” 

Watch the program for the shows here: «TA PAIDIA ZOGRAFIZOUN TA CHRISTOUGENNA -– SPECIAL EDITION”  per channel:


Episode 1 - 24/12/2021 16:10 & 27/12/2021 16:30
"Koraes Elementary School" Palos Hills, IL
"Plato Academy" Des Plaines, IL

Episode 2 - 27/12/2021 16:10 & 29/12/2021 16:30
"St. Nicholas Greek School" Toronto, ON
"Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School" Toronto, ON

Episode 3 - 28/12/2021 16:10 & 30/12/2021 16:30
"Hellenic Academy AK" Anchorage, AK
"Fanari Academy Greek School" Sunnyvale, CA
"St. Nectarios Greek School" Covina, CA
"Ascension Cathedral Sunday School" Oakland CA
"Archangels Greek Orthodox School" Stamford, CT
"Holy Trinity Greek School" Clearwater, FL
"Annunciation Day School" Atlanta, GA
"Hellenic Studies Holy Transfiguration" Marietta, GA
"Athena Hellenic Schools" Morton Grove, IL
"Pythagoras Greek School" Des Plaines, IL
"St. Nectarios Greek School" Roslindale, MA
"Greek School of Saints Constantine & Helen" Cambridge, MA

Episode 4 - 29/12/2021 16:10 & 1/1/2022 16:15
"Hellenic American Academy" Deerfield, IL

Episode 5 - 30/12/2021 16:10 & 1/1/2022 16:30
"Hellenic American Academy" Lowell, ΜΑ
"St. Andrew Greek School" Randolph, NJ
"Holy Trinity Greek School" Westfield, NJ
"Greek School of St. Irene Chrysovalantou" Astoria, NY
"St. Demetrios Greek American School" Astoria, NY
"Holy Trinity Greek Afternoon School" New Rochelle, NY

Episode 6 - 31/12/2021 16:10 & 2/1/2022 16:30
"William Spyropoulos Greek American School of St. Nicholas" Flushing, NY

Episode 7 - 31/12/2021 16:30 & 2/1/2022 16:15
"Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Whitestone" Whitestone, NY
"St. Paraskevi Greek School" Greenlawn, NY
"A. Fantis School of Sts. Constantine & Helen" Brooklyn, NY
"Holy Trinity Greek School" Hicksville, NY
"The Stephen and Areti Cherpelis Hellenic School of St. Nicholas" Flushing, NY
"St. Demetrios Balourdas Hellenic Cultural School" Rocky River, OH
"Annunciation Greek School" Norfolk, VA
Individual Drawings

Episode 8 - 3/1/2022 16:10 & 6/1/2022 16:10
"Mississauga Hellenic Academy" Mississauga, ON
"Ecole Socrates-Demosthene" Laval, QC
"St. Nicholas Sunday School" Laval, QC


Episode 1 - 31/12/2021 13:15 & 1/1/2022 12:10
Oakleigh Grammar Schools, Melbourne
St John Preston College, Melbourne
Balwyn/North Balwyn Campus (Friday -Saturday), Melbourne
Greek Community of Melbourne
Saint Panteleimon-Dandenong, Melbourne
Greek School Of Menton Taxiarches, Melbourne
St Spyridon College, Sydney
All Saints Grammar School, Sydney
St Euphemia College, Sydney
Clemton Park Public School [Wednesday 15:20 -17:20], Sydney
Ελληνικά Απογευματινά και Σαββατιανά Πρωινά Σχολεία της Ελληνορθόδοξης Ενορίας-Κοινότητας του Αγίου Νεκταρίου, Burwood, Sydney
Greek Orthodox Community afternoon and Saturday Schools of NSW, Sydney
St. Andrew’s Grammar, Perth
St George College, Adelaide
St Nicholas Greek - Australian Preschool & Childcare Centre, Canberra
Individual Drawings


Episode 1 - 1/1/2022 10:00 & 2/1/2022 13:40
Τμήματα Ελληνικής Γλώσσας Κολωνίας, Γερμανία
ΤΕΓ Bungertwies, Ζυρίχη, Ελβετία
ΤΕΓ Ουτρέχτης, Ολλανδία
Hellenic School of High Barnet, UK
ΤΕΓ Γάνδης, Βέλγιο
Ελληνικό Σχολείο Αποστόλου Ανδρέα, Birmingham, UK
Άγιος Δημήτριος, UK
Σχολείο Νίκαιας, Γαλλία
Τμήμα Ελληνικής Γλώσσας Μονάχου, Γερμανία
Greek School St. Athanasios, Cambridge, UK
St. Nicholas Greek School, Southampton, UK
Ελληνικό Παροικιακό Σχολείο Margate, Westbrooke, UK
ΤΕΓ Anderlecht, Βέλγιο
ΤΕΓ Shape Mons, Βέλγιο
St. Nicholas Greek School Acton, London, UK
Cercles D'Etudes Grecques, Ελβετία
Ελληνική Σχολή Βιέννης, Αυστρία
St. Mary Greek School, UK
The Hellenic School of St. Peter & St. Paul, Bristol, UK
Individual Drawings