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Christmas all around, with Greek children from all over the world!
For yet another year, we celebrate Christmas on ANT1 with children from all over the world, bringing the most happy, imaginable, creative, melodic and blissful holidays to America, Canada, Australia and Europe *!

Come and celebrate with us! Enter the magical world of Christmas.

Christmas is a grand holiday for all of us Greeks, a holiday that brings us all closer, coming together from all corners of the Earth, to observe the customs and local traditions of our homeland.

At this sweet time of year, children always take the lead role, filling the days of Christmas with enthusiasm, creativity, magic and imagination. Greek children from every part of the world become the brightest stars on our screens, bringing the spirit of Christmas to life with drawings, songs, carols, music, wishes, and lots of love!

Children, parents and relatives, grandparents, teachers and principals, join us again this year as we celebrate together in filling the world with smiles!

A heartfelt thank you to all the little painters for partaking in the Contest and wish all of you an amazing New Year! 

* Outside Greece and Cyprus