I am among the winners. How do I receive my prize?
Congratulations! In case you participated through your school, we will send your prize to the school and you will receive it from your teachers. In case you participated by yourself, we will send you your prize directly to your address as you have written it on your painting.

What are the prizes?
The prizes from the contest are exciting! You can see them in detail here.

How can I take part in the Contest 2024?
You can take part in the Children's Drawing Contest 2024 either through your school or independently. The process is simple. You can send us your painting electronically here as soon as the starting date is announced (linked με πεδίο ΛΑΒΕ ΜΕΡΟΣ) or by mail (through your school or as an independent) to the respective addresses:

If you live in the US or Canada: ANTENNA SATELLITE, 509 Madison Ave, Suite 2004 New York, NY 10022
If you live in Australia: ANTENNA PACIFIC, Suite 3, Level 3, 9 Deane Street, Burwood NSW, 2134, Australia
If you live in Europe: ANTENNA EUROPE, Kifissias Ave. 10-12 Μarousi, 15125 Athens

How can my school take part in the Contest 2024?
The contribution of the Greek Schools is an integral part of the success of the Children's Drawing Contest. Every year we welcome more and more schools to the contest. If your school wishes to participate in the Children's Drawing Contest 2024 please contact us here.

How can I see my drawing on TV?
All the children's drawings are part of the Christmas program of our channels. More information about broadcasts will be posted in the guide here.

If your household is not subscribed to ANT1, find out more information:

If you live in USA connect now 
If you live in Canada connect now 
If you live in Australia connect now 
If you live in Europe connect now